Lilliput 7-inch LCD monitor with HDMI, YPbPr interface, dedicated high-definition video camera

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  • This is the newest 2010 model of 7 inches DAYLIGHT widescreen 16:9 HDMI YPbPr High quality TFT LCD car monitor with an extra high brightness of 450cd/m2 instead of the normal 250cd/m2. Its screen display is perfect to watch under daylight for viewing DVD movies, playing video games and connecting to computers, laptops and GPS.
  • It features HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface with wide viewing angles, Multi-size display and more.
  • Besides, it provides BNC twist-on plugs to ensure fixed connection to any input sources.
  • This monitor is universal and can be installed, used in all cars, ships and anywhere in the world!
  • battery life: 2.5 hours (Turn on on/off button before battery charging)
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #2429 in Consumer Electronics
  • Color: BLACK
  • Brand: Lilliput
  • Model: 668GL-70NP/H/Y