Barbie of Swan Lake

ASIN: B00008OE7Q
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  • Young girls will have a great time searching for hidden items in the forests -- while painting murals, creating musical flowers and more
  • Travel to beautiful locations -- visit Swan Lake, the Flower Fields and even the Fairy Village
  • Create five magical wands and enchant each area of the forest - add flowers, ladybugs, and even catch fireflies
  • Multiple games and activities that girls will enjoy -- they can even design lovely paintings and print them out as keepsakes
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #30220 in Video Games
  • Brand: Vivendi Universal
  • Model: 020626720571
  • Released on: 2003-09-09
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone
  • Platforms: Mac, Windows XP, Windows
  • Format: CD-ROM